Saturday, January 15, 2005

The NYT Gets Sinister

The editorial in today's New York Times, "A Double Blow to Peace" (Jan 15), terms the cutting off of contacts with Palestine Authority officials by Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon "a precipitous Israeli overreaction."

Furthermore, Sharon, it claims, is an "unwitting ally" of the terrorism and murder of civilians of "Gaza militants". That description itself is preposterous and sinister.

Sharon, during the period of the elections, indecently restricted Israeli defense measures. The Kassam rockets continued to fall, the shootings from ambushes went on as did attempts to infiltrate Israel through and under fences. Israelis were unprotected and died as Sharon seeks to promote a dangerous policy of disengagement.

There is a limit to what any Israeli politician can ignore.

Mahmud Abbas has the capabilities to end the terror. He does not need Sharon's help or cooperation, for it is his own choice if there is to be peace. If anyone is an ally of the Hamas and Jihad in Gaza, it would appear
to be Abbas, unless he does something to change that.

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