Monday, January 31, 2005

Finding It Everywhere

You can find anti-Israel material everywhere.

For example in a book review in The Times Literary Review. So, I wrote a letter.

Here it is:-

In his review of ADVENTURES IN EGYPT AND NUBIA, on the travels of William John Bankes ("Take walk, make no book"), Mick Imlah writes that Bankes traveled also "in Syria, including modern Jordan and Palestine". This description is misleading.

Palestine always included both modern Israel and Jordan.

All maps of the area portray Palestine as stretching east and west of the Jordan River. Indeed, the original geography of the League of Nations Mandate, granted to Great Britian in 1922, spanned from the Mediterranean Sea to the Iraqi Desert. Jordan was administered, until 1946, as part of the Palestine Mandate.

To avoid mentioning Israel, if done consciously, is to completely miss the compass.

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