Thursday, January 27, 2005

All Black

Ian Black wrote on 24 Jan 2005 in the UK Guardian that the horror of Auschwitz is "a grim, incontrovertible reminder of why so many angry Arabs and Muslims feel that Israel is the price Palestinians are still paying for European racism". If anything, though, that "anger" should be seen, on the backdrop of Auschwitz, as an irrational hatred and a perversion of history.

The link between Jews and the geography of their homeland, once called Judea, Samaria and Gaza, but becoming Palestine as a result of the Roman conquest in 135 CE, predated not only the Holocaust but many other centuries of persection in Spain, Europe and Asia. Jews do not merit a state because of what brought about Auschwitz and its sister camps. That state was declared worthy of reconstitution and on that basis, Great Britain was awarded the Mandate to establish that state.

If there is any reminding needed, it is that the Arabs of the Palestine Mandate in no small numbers, and led by their spiritual head, the Mifti Haj Amin, supported the Nazi ideology and policies even to the extent of enlisting in Germany's service and having Muslims mobilized into Wehrmacht units while the Mufti broadcast from Berlin.

Arab suicide bombers are the mutant extensions of the evil force that stoked the crematoria fires of Auschwitz.

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