Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Haaretz Slammed By Former Editor

At Maariv's NRG site, although they appeared at the Perspectiva site originally:-

Editor of Ha'aretz former Haaretz lost his public standing

Hanoch Marmari, the legendary editor of Ha'aretz newspaper, accuses the paper of slipping off to the fringes and it thereby lost its position. 

..."One of my goals as editor, was to leave the newspaper on the playing field and not way out on the sidelines. Now Haaretz is not on the field, and not a player but rather than an observer from the balcony and when you're looking from afar you do not necessarily better see the moves in a complex game...The newspaper has always been on the left, but still maintained a regular dialogue with heads of state, even if at times was very critical dialogue. This no longer exists today. "..."One of the most important things required editor in chief, is to keep the paper in the proper directions, including to allow space for expression and diversity. This principle is not always preserved."

The CAMERA edition.


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