Tuesday, January 08, 2013

And On The Football Field

My son, Gani, blocks a punt attempted from the end zone, collected it and scored a touchdown in a game on December 21, 2012, his Jerusalem Lions vs. Northern Stars:

Photo credit: Neria Granevich

Lions won 48-14.

More of #31 in action:

Last week's came against the Rechovot Silverbacks in Ramleh was won by the Lions 84-0.


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Alan said...

'dja show that to Rand Paul? His dad represents a Texas District in the House. A rumor has it that the actual religion in Texas is high-school football. Host a High-School Football Cheerleaders World Series in Shomron, that would get you actual goodwill in Texas. Or are you one of the guys that Texans call: "big hat, no cattle".