Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nothing Like Hindsight

...Whoever speaks of "two states for two peoples" is really speaking about the establishment of Hamas in Judea and Samaria as well as Gaza. It's very clear that Hamas will take over Judea and Samaria, if via elections or if by violence (as in Gaza). That means that an Iranian outpost will be a few kilometers from the center of the country. The gap between Israel's position, including the moderate public, and the Palestinians is huge and can not be bridged. Never in our generation. Listen to senior Hamas political bureau head Khaled Meshaal during his visit to Gaza who announced that "there will not be a waiver of all of Palestine - from the sea to the river."  See the textbook references of the Palestinian Authority.
Even if there was not one settlement in Judea and Samaria, it would not be possible to reach a lasting peace. Those who accuse the government of stoping the political process and promise to change the situation, are selling the public illusions with no basis in reality. It is better to tell the truth: we are destined to continue to fight for our country and our lives and live by the sword for a long while. As in past years. True, it is hard to accept. It's much easier to indulge in euphoric peace, as in the days of Oslo. The truth is hard and painful, but it is preferable illusions.


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