Sunday, December 16, 2012

But She Wasn't Wearing a Tallit

If you watch this clip, starting at at 2:15 you'll see a woman being talked to by two policemen and then led away to the Machkama police station.


She's the founding principal of the girl's Ulpana, Lehava, in Kedumim, Samaria.

Sarah Eliash.

She was detained for over three hours.  Her suspected crime?


Inside the Temple Mount.

Veteran Israeli educator and Education Prize awardee Sarah Eliash was arrested this week on the Temple Mount on charges of praying at the site, activists in organizations advocating open Jewish prayer at the site said.  Eliash ascended the site Thursday with a group that came to the Mount to view the site where the miracle of Hanukkah actually took place, and apparently was seen by Arab guards moving her lips, which they attributed to praying. The guards informed Israeli police, who took Eliash into custody for her “crime.”

Okay, she wasn't wearing a tallit.  Does that mean the mainstream media downplayed, if they reported at all, her arrest because she wasn't from the Reform or liberal wing of Judaism?

She wasn't feminine enough?

Or was she too nationalist?  Too religiously observant?

Did you find it in Haaretz?  Yedioth?

Odd, no?

Religious freedom belongs only to one type of Jew?


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