Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Contra Palestinian Disinventivity

Jerusalem Denial you know.  What I term Palestinian Disinventivity.

Read this:

A stamp seal bearing the image of a roaring lion and a Hebrew legend was found 

during the excavations of the Western Wall Plaza, in the Old City of Jerusalem. The seal is only the second of its kind unearthed in Israel, the first being the seal of Shema‘, a high official of King Jeroboam II, discovered in Megiddo more than a century ago. The new find, moreover, is the first seal with a lion motif to be published from Iron Age II Jerusalem and one of only a few with a lion motif from Judah...The building was abandoned and destroyed in the first quarter of the sixth century BCE...After its collapse, the house was
filled by slope wash. Finds within this fill date between the eighth and sixth centuries BCE.

How's that for ancient history and Jewish presence in the Land of Israel?


‘Atiqot 72 “The Lord Will Roar from Zion” (Amos 1:2): The Lion as a Divine Attribute on a Jerusalem Seal and Other Hebrew Glyptic Finds from the Western Wall Plaza Excavations (pp. 1*–13*) Tallay Ornan, Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah, Shua Kisilevitz and Benjamin Sass


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