Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What Became of Ann Turton?

According to this Hebrew item I came across from the Davar daily on December 28, 1945, reporting on three attacks the previous evening conducted by the Irgun and Lechi - two joint operations on the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv Police HQs and another attack in north Tel Aviv against an army arms and munition site - a nine-year old girl was left, for the second time, an orphan from her father.

The newspaper story informs us that 9-year old Ann(e) Turton, daughter of Evelyn Thomas Turton, of the Palestine Police Force, who was killed on January 21, 1942 as a result of a bomb blast set off in Tel Aviv by the Lechi (Stern Group) underground, was adopted (?) by George F. Smith, Assistant Superindendent of Palestine Police Force, when her mother married him.  Her mother passed away in March 1945 and her step-father was killed in a blast at the Jaffa Police HQ on December 27, 1945 which was attacked in a joint Irgun-Lechi attack.

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Barry Hughes said...

Anne Turton was my mother's cousin, I know she lived in Wollaton Nottingham in the 1970's but moved away

She married Henry Filipczack, unfortunately I have no further details

YMedad said...

Thanks for that information.