Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Battir and Betar

The Battir case had a day in court and we heard an additional element:

Authority expert Ze'ev Hacohen was given special permission to argue beside Authority attorney Nirit Aharon (normally only attorneys get to speak) and emphasized the importance of the ancient Bar Kochba stronghold which he said would be harmed by the "utterly deadly" proposed path of the wall.

Hacohen, and the Authority in its response to the court, said that the Bar Kochba site was equal in importance to Masada

And we know that from the anthem of the Betar Zionist Youth Movement:

Bedam uvayeza With blood and sweat
Yukam lanu geza Shall arise a race
Ga'on venadiv ve'akhzar Proud generous and cruel
Betar ha-nilkada, Captured Betar,
Yodefet, Massada Yodefet, Massada
Taromna be'oz ve-Hadar Shall arise in stregnth and majesty...

Lema'an hahod hanistar For the sake of the hidden glory
La-amut o likhbosh et hahar To die or conquer the hill
Yodefet, Massada, Betar Yodefet, Massada, Betar      

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NormanF said...

The new Jewish town of Betar Illit lies a few kilometers from the ruins of the ancient Jewish town.