Friday, December 07, 2012

And Over at America's Jerusalem Consulate

Continuing the updates about the activities of the Jerusalem Consulate on behalf of "Palestine", the Arabs thereof and in what appears to be the discrimination of the Jewish residents of the same geographical territory and, for sure, those American citizens residing in the area who are Jewish (for previous reports, see here; and here; and here for example):

American Consulate General in Jerusalem Supports Economic Empowerment for Palestinian Women, November 28, 2012

On November 28, America House, the American Consulate General’s cultural center in Jerusalem, hosted the Third Annual Women’s Micro-Enterprise Bazaar at the Ambassador Hotel in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem. The event featured local handicrafts produced by Palestinian women entrepreneurs from Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza...In addition to the bazaar, the women vendors participated in a one-day training on November 26, sponsored by the Consulate General, on how to become a successful entrepreneur and how to more effectively market and sell their products.

U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem Celebrates Education in America During International Education Week, November 16, 2012

From November 12-16, representatives from the American Consulate General in Jerusalem, AMIDEAST, and USAID hosted outreach activities across the West Bank and Gaza in commemoration of the 13th annual International Education Week (IEW).  International Education Week, a shared initiative of the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of State, celebrates the importance and benefits of education in the United States and around the world.  

This year’s IEW activities highlighted the benefits of international education and discussed country-specific scholarship and exchange opportunities for Palestinians.  They included panel discussions, individual and group advising sessions, and the world’s largest virtual college fair.  The activities underscored the importance of increasing international awareness and knowledge, which can help Palestinian youth develop leadership capabilities and build the skills necessary to communicate and cooperate with individuals from other nations and other cultures.

American Consulate General Celebrates U.S. Presidential Elections, November 6, 2012

On November 6, the American Consul General in Jerusalem Michael A. Ratney hosted a celebration at the Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah to mark the 57th U.S. Presidential elections. The festive event celebrated America’s democratic process, its election system, and its pluralistic inclusion, and was attended by Palestinian contacts from all sectors of society, including members of the diplomatic corps, government officials, university presidents, prominent business leaders, civil society activists, and journalists.

American taxpayer dollars at work.


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Anonymous said...

Shalom Israel.
Did you know that CIA man (Political officer of the Americam Consulate) Meet me 3 times & I recoreded all meetings?
YOu are welcome to take them and to see what nice wards he had to say on Bibi....

Also -
A the demonstration that Arieh Eldad & Michael Ben Ari had 10 days ago, near UN offices in Jerusalem, the CIA personthat replaced the man that meet me, came to the demostration and talked with Arieh Eldad, you can ask him about it.
They (American consulate) are spying in Israel with our any propblem from Israel Gov.

Arieh King