Friday, December 07, 2012

"Accursed Jews"? "Apes"?

Do you ever wonder why we Jews and especially we Israeli Jews have this feeling that peace is a concept too many Muslims will not accept vis-a-vis the State of Israel as the Jewish national home?

Go here and you'll read Sheik Ahmad Al-Suhayli's words:

"Ever since the days of the prophets, the Jews have been obstinate. They rebelled against the decrees and laws of Allah. […] The Jews continued with their deviations and transgressions. Those accursed Zionist Jews even had the audacity to slay the prophets of Allah...In the days of Allah’s prophet David, a group of Jews was transformed into apes, because they violated the laws of Allah.
The Koran exposed the evil psyche of the Jews.
When they violated the treaties and agreements that the Prophet Muhammad made with them...This Balfour Declaration was a tragedy and a catastrophe for the Palestinians in particular, and for the Arab and Islamic nation in general. He promised a land that he did not own to people who do not deserve it – because it is not the land of the Jews – to pave the way for the racist Zionist movement to rule Palestine and Jerusalem. Indeed, that is what happened.
Brothers, the Arab Spring that the media talks about will not truly be a spring unless we support our brothers in Gaza, and stand united with them, in order to drive those Jews out of Palestine and to liberate Jerusalem.
Oh Allah, just like you destroyed the people of ‘Aad and Thamud, destroy this gang of Jews. Strike them with a deterring force that will destroy them.
Oh Allah, you know everything that those accursed Jews have done – the corruption they spread on earth, their diverting of people from your path, and their humiliation of your servants. Strike them with a resounding blow, and do not leave a single one of them. Oh Lord, rip them asunder, and disperse them throughout the land...“Oh Lord, do not leave a single one of them on Earth, for if you do, they will lead your servants astray, and they will beget none but sinners and infidels.” Allah, make the wombs of their women barren, and dry up the loins of their men. Strike them with Your hatred and wrath, oh You who delivers harsh punishment and torment.

Dear progressive liberal humanist supporter of the cause of "Palestinianism", why don't you BDS him and those like him?  Denounce him.  Take him th the ICC?


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