Sunday, December 16, 2012

And The Final Results Are In

If you recall, this round of Regional Council elections in Binyamin brought with it a new administrative framework - the Shiloh Bloc.  We are a "Vaad M'komi", a Local Governing Board.  Shiloh and Shvut Rachel, Givat Achiya, Adei-Ad, Keida, Givat Harel, Esh Kodesh are all under one governing board now.

And we voted on December 4 for one of two lists.

Photo credit: Batya Medad

This has been an Interior Ministry demand since all the communities are village associations and technically, not all residents can vote for village secretariats since they are not memebrs such as residents not yet accepted (or have chosen not to be members) or children who do not become members automatically.  By law, every 18-year old should be allowed to vote for the body that oversees the administrative requirements of good government.

The results from the Dec. 4 voting for the seven-member board:

Total number of registered voters: 1287
Total number who voted: 539 (5 votes were disqualified)
List One received 380 votes and 5 seats
List Two received 159 votes and 2 seats.



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