Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Shrill Pal Gal: Shirley Temper


The story.

Will anyone protect her human rights from being exploited by her father?

Where are those human rights NGOs?


EOZ informs:

By the way, this same girl - A'hd Tamimi, the daughter of of the leader of the Nabi Saleh protests - has been given an award by Mahmoud Abbas for her stagecraft, and CAMERA noticed already last September how she was being used as a propaganda tool. It is a must-read article to understand the background of how children are indoctrinated in Pallywood.
The IDF also has a video about how this girl and others are cynically used.

And Tamar Sternthal previously noted her activity.

P.S.  Just found her here (top picture), just to the left of the soldier, showing a mucle:


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