Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Comment Left at 'Open Zion'


@breakingthesilence  they actually have an obligation to negotiate for peace.  since they started the hostilities in 1948 (actually the day after the UN Partition in 1947 and we'll ignore for the moment the 1920-48 period that preceded) they have no right of resistance.  And after the 2005 Disengagement, they are not occupied.  There is a blockade but that's only because they insist on importing weapons to continue to terrorize Israeli citizens which they and you call  resistance.  If you continue your pro-Hamas propaganda, all you succeed in doing is getting more Arabs killed.  Think about that.

At this post.

And I just left another here

Gil, you're kidding when you wrote this yes?  - "I look forward to continuing the open dialogue on Open Zion, providing a space where we can think through and argue through our disagreements passionately but civilly."

The only passion here is an extreme anti-Jewish nationalism mindset.  There is no dialogue.  No balance.  It's a coffee klatch environment of liberal progressives paternally comforting the anti-Zionists.  The Arabs who write here can use such metaphors as Jews poisoning Palestinian land.  That is not intellectualism but , well, we all know what that is.


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Juniper in the Desert said...

The morons there don't read, they are not interested in reality. After your post they continue talking garbage as if you never commented. That's not to say there is no point, on the contrary, someone has to balance out the psychos!