Wednesday, November 21, 2012

ISMers Want You!

Just received:

Human Rights Defenders Needed in Gaza: An urgent call for people of conscience
Due to the failures of the United Nations, governments and the International community to fulfill their obligation to protect the besieged civilians of Gaza, and the apparent failure of ceasefire negotiations, we urge people of conscience to come to Gaza to act as human rights defenders against the wanton lethal attacks unleashed by Israel against the civilian population.
At this time, 139 people have been murdered, including 23 children. By the time you read this, the death toll will be higher. We call on all people of conscience to do what the UN and international governments are failing to do: break the siege on Gaza by entering in groups to act as human rights defenders. We will be entering Gaza as affinity groups and the groups will remain together for the duration of their stay. In Gaza, Palestinian human rights workers will coordinate our work...Groups will enter Gaza via Rafah crossing.
To endorse this action and join us in breaking the siege, contact:
In Solidarity,
ISM Palestine

And someone suggested:

When they cross into Gaza, should they be handed t-shirts with large bullseyes on the back?


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Perry Zamek said...

Persons who deliberately seek to provide protection for terrorists or terror activities, whether as human shields or as accessories, are a legitimate target for prosecution, possibly even in the planning stages, and cannot claim any kind of immunity by virtue of foreign citizenship, etc.
For the attention of law enforcement agencies in the home countries of ISM members/activists.