Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feiglin's Admission

The Likud's outsider, Moshe Feiglin, finally realized what I and others have been writing for years.  His approach was wrong.

Oh how much money was wasted supporting his Jewish Leadership outfit in its stand-off-on-the-sidelines attitude for almost a decade or so.

But last night, after finally, as of the present, achieving a realistic slot, we read

Feiglin expressed joy that he will finally be entering the Knesset after trying twice before and being blocked by legal challenges initiated by Netanyahu. He credited his decision to tone down his rhetoric and work within the system in Likud rather than try to take it over.
“I changed my style but not my values,” Feiglin said. “The journey I began when I said that this is our land will continue now from inside the parliament. My values have gone into the Likud through the front door, enabling us to defend Israel from its enemies and make it into a state of Jewish freedom.”
He was never considered a Likudnik.

I once, almost facetiously, suggested to him to take over a smaller party, like Meretz, as with the Likud he was going nowhere.

We now have to see if he does get in.


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The Wilder Way

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012


Thank you, Moshe Feiglin
by David Wilder,representative of the Jewish Community of Hebron