Friday, November 30, 2012

So, Cam We Sue 'Palestine'?

I read this:

Many have expressed concern that the bid for upgraded status is not a reflection of what is happening on the ground, but strictly a lawfare tool aimed at manipulating legal organs to condemn Israel for its defensive maneuvers in Operation Cast Lead and Operation Pillar of Defense. However, If the PA uses its upgraded status to become a party to the Rome Statute, it would simultaneously constitute acceptance of the court's jurisdiction, rendering the PA vulnerable to prosecution for crimes committed against its own people.

But what about me?

While many are concerned about the Pals. now employing their new status to launch higher grade lawfare against Israel, there is that other aspect, not for going after the Pals. for crimes against its own people but does Israel or do Israelis or Jews or anyone else now also have a certain leverage to use aspects of law as well?


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