Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Another Return to Shchem


Why don't you participate in the commencement of the writing of a Sefer Torah to take place on Thursday, the 8th of Tishrei 5771, September 16, 2010, which is the day Joseph's tomb in Shechem was abandoned to Arab hordes who vandalized it, burnt it and tried to destroy it. This was a second sale of Yosef since the Oslo Accords were to protect this religious holy site.

It'll take place at Mitzpe Yosef lookover, on top of Mount Grizim.

Here's the poster:

The demand is to return a permanent Jewish presence at Kever Yosef, Joseph's Tomb and so rectify the situation our leaders go us into.

It will feature Rabbis and Jewish Leaders

18:00 Ma'ariv prayer
18:30 Start of Program

Followed by a concert with Yirmiyahu.

- - -