Sunday, September 19, 2010

No To Dismantling Communities

Way back in 2007, three years ago, we had this poll:

Poll: 37% of Israelis willing to cede sovereignty in Jerusalem's holy sites

which was cockamaney.

You see the results of this Yedioth Ahronoth and Dahaf Institute survey revealed odd numbers.

Whereas 52% of Israeli Jews were willing to change Jerusalem's status as part of a permanent peace agreement with Palestinians, 61% believe Israel should remain city's sovereign

That, of course, is a bit contradictory but that is what the pattern of Israeli public opinion. Pro-peace but anti-conditions that are harmful to Israel and its heritage and defense.

For example,

When asked whether or not Prime Minister Ehud Olmert could achieve a public mandate allowing him to change Jerusalem's status as part of a permanent peace agreement with the Palestinians, 52% of those taking part in the poll said they would lend their support to such a move if 80% of the ministers were behind it.

That's a "Yes, but...".


Sixty-three percent of those asked said they think Jerusalem should not be included in a peace agreement, 21% thought it should and 16% would agree to it only if the motion was carried out by referendum.

Again, "yes, but...".

And again,

As for the handing over of Palestinian neighborhoods in east Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority, 68% of the poll's participants were against the idea, 20% agreed with it and 11% said they would agree should a referendum support the idea.

In other words, first of all, the headline was misleading.


But what of the holy places in Jerusalem? When asked who should remain sovereign of the Western Wall and Temple Mount, 61% believed Israel should be named sovereign...

But last week, Mina Tzemach told us that in 2005, prior to the disengagement taking place, 55% of the public supported dismantling communities across the Green Line.

In 2006, it went down to 47%.

And this month it's 45%.

You need to be careful with these polls.

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