Friday, September 24, 2010

Bibi - Don't Tell Only Them, Tell Obama!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extended a warm welcome to the thousands of Feast pilgrims from nearly 100 countries who have ascended to Jerusalem for the week-long festivities.

“Year after year you come from over a hundred countries to march through the streets of Jerusalem; and in doing so, you remind the people of Israel that we are not alone. You remind us that there are people across the world who recognize that in returning to Zion, the Jewish people have returned home,” said Netanyahu in a video greeting.

“This land is our homeland. It’s the same land where the Jewish patriarchs prayed, where our prophets preached, and where our kings ruled. It’s the same land from which 2000 years ago spanned forth a message of universal peace and love that would spread across the world,” he added...There are those who still deny the history of the Jewish people in this land. There are those who still refuse to recognize that Israel is the Jewish State – the nation state of the Jewish people. What these people refuse to say, you declare with pride. You declare it with pride, without hesitation, without reservation. You celebrate the right of the Jewish people to be sovereign in its homeland, to ingather its exiles, and to rebuild Jerusalem.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu maintains a healthy lifestyle, including his diet. He works out several times a week, including 40-minute walks and lifting weights. He recently underwent a stress test and received very good results. He is in excellent physical shape. Except for a recommendation to lose several kilograms, there are no comments of any kind on the Prime Minister's health.

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Thor said...

Should these Jews visiting agree with liking being a Jew only or is it mandatory to agree also that being a Jew means having as big a Jewish homeland as possible in 2200?

Hey, tell you what, sue the Romans for chasing you off your land in the first place.

P.S. Who is Blogcatalog and why does Trend Micro OfficeScan think it is a risk?

You amateur spy you ?)
In eyes of Mother Earth-crust we all look most likely as different breeds of flee competing over patches of her skin (ref. to Crocadile Dundee).