Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'Go Figure It Out' - Polls of Israeli Opinion

In the new monthly poll of the Peace Index - September, 2010 directed by Prof. Ephraim Yaar and Prof. Tamar Hermann was this question:

Does the absence of peace or, alternatively, the signing of a peace agreement influence Arab-Jewish relations within Israel?

The answer was that:

In both publics – Jewish and Arab – identical rates (54%) were found for those who believe that as long as there is no peace, there is no possibility of greater understanding and interaction between Jews
and Arabs in Israel. A majority of the exact same size, however, says a peace agreement in itself will not foster relations of trust and good-neighborliness between Jews and Arabs: more than half of both the Jews and the Arabs hold the pessimistic opinion that even if a peace agreement is signed, no dramatic improvement will occur in the relations between these two publics in Israel.

Do you grasp the inherent contradiction is the above?

That's Israel.


Another finding:

...how do the Arabs view the identity of the Jews? Eighty-one percent of them think that the Jews feel themselves to a very large or moderately large extent to be Jews, 77% that they feel Israeli, and 64% as Zionists. These rates are considerably lower than the Jewish public’s own responses on these identity issues: 95% report that they feel to a very large or moderately large extent that they are Israelis, 94% – as Jews, and 80% as Zionists. Israeli Arabs, then, appear to underestimate these three identities among Jews, especially regarding the Israeli and Zionist identities, though they are not wrong in seeing Zionism as taking only third place in the ranking.

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