Thursday, September 23, 2010

Headline Pompousness

Illegal Israeli Murderer Settler

That's the Al-Jazeera description of a security guard who had opened fire after his car was blocked and stoned by dozens of Palestinians.

And it's a mouthful.

By the way:

The security guard told police that he was driving through the town alone and stopped at a gas station, despite the guidelines which forbade him from stopping in the local stations. The guard added that he feared that he would be abducted after several Palestinians blocked his car.

And here is a Peace Now excuse for the rioting:

The settlers' guard, which is funded by the government of Israel, passed earlier this morning in the street with his Jeep. Like in many cases, there was some kind of friction between him and Palestinian residents. Sometimes the friction is due to some settler provocation, and sometimes it is due to the Palestinians. In any case this could vary from mutual yellings, cursings, to even hittings or stone throwing. I don't know what it was this time. The guard claims he was attacked, the neighbors claim it was a provocation of the guard. One thing is clear: the guard was armed, he used his gun (about 10 times) and Sarhan was killed.

And see how only left-wing bloggers (who don't observe the Holiday) appear at The Lede.

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