Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What, There's Anti-Israel Media Bias in...Australia?

From this blog:-

Jewish Community Council of Victoria President John Searle and Zionist
Council of Victoria President Dr Danny Lamm have again strongly criticised
Melbourne broadsheet The Age for its ongoing anti-Israel bias over a number of

...”Despite our best efforts to present Israel’s case, there have been too many instances of anti-Israel statements to count, ranging from the blatant such as Michael Backman’s ugly smear job in 2009 to the more subtle and insidious”, Searle continued. “An example of the latter includes a recent article reprinted from The UK’s The Daily Telegraph which stated “Netanyahu will come under fierce pressure from Obama to extend a 10-month freeze on Jewish settlements in the West Bank”. The Age’s version made the following insertions “illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank” (The Age, 070710). Such changes make a world of difference.”

My, oh my.

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