Sunday, August 29, 2010

Problems Of A Non-Jew Playing a Jewish...Werewolf


A Jewish werewolf named George

in the series Being Human

You strip off quite a lot in the show. Are you comfortable with

"Do I enjoy being naked in the woods with people watching? No, not really. Your pride just goes out the window. It's quite cold in the woods in Bristol, so being a male, that was not beneficial. I didn't realise last year on the pilot how naked I was going to be - it seemed like every ten minutes they were like 'can you just take your pants off?' This year my agent drew up a nudity clause but I don't think that's been followed!"

You go completely naked then? They don't try to cover you up?

"You see my arse a lot and a lot of me cupping my balls. Because I'm playing a Jew and I'm not actually Jewish, I think [showing everything] would give it away. I'm not going to go that far for method!"


See this.

(Kippah tip: Ilana)

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