Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here Comes The Anti-Semitism

We've been accused of poisoning water, chewing gum and what not. Read this.

Now, from the very same stores we Jews buy, somehow Arabs claimed they suffered food poisoning:

Bethlehem – PNN - Palestinian sources said on Tuesday that three people surfed [sic!] from Food Poisoning after consuming settlements products.

Omer Kabha, head of the National Dignity fund, which is behind the settlements boycott campaign, announced that the Food Poisoning cases were reported after eating out of date canned meat bought from Rami Lavi stores.

...Rami Lavi stores, known for selling settlements products [not really], opened shops in West Bank areas that are still under the control of the Israeli military and Palestinians can reach.

Hamared [sic!] by the economical situation Rami Lavi stores offer cheap prices that attracted the Palestinian families, The National Consumers Committee reported.

Kabha asked all Palestinians to avoid shopping in Rami Lavi stores due to the fact that they sell close to out of date products in cheap prices there.

Last year, at least, there was another angle:

Primary school food poisoning

At least 100 students in the southern Gaza Strip are suffering food poisoning today, sources told PNN.

The Khan Younis School of Hope served rotten food to its primary students, report doctors.

and last April we had another type of poisoning:

Hamas has accused Egyptian security forces of pumping poisonous gas into a cross-border smuggling tunnel, killing four Palestinians as a result.

But they are now back to gutter antisemitism.

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

accusations of this kind came up back about 1985 when schoolgirls in a village near Jenin complained about a strange ailment, some coming down with fits. Strangely, if it was food poisoning, it only affected girls.

Anyhow, Prof Rafi Israeli wrote a book about this event/phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Poison: the Modern Manifestations of Blood Libel, Rowman and Littledfield, Madison, 2002.
260 pp.

Anonymous said...

Israeli's paradigmatic case study is important for several reasons. Beyond his analysis of a particular case, he reveals how the methodology of Arab hate propaganda has been in use for many years. His contribution will be even more valuable if it is part of a larger study of the Arab libels against Israel that have been spread with the willing and uncritical collaboration of Western media, governments, and international bodies."— Jewish Political Studies Review

This is the story of an amazing manifestation of a modern blood libel against the Jews and Israel, involving not only Arabs and Muslims, but also the European media and world organizations. Based on rich documentation from all angles: Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, European, American, and International, Raphael Israeli aims to draw our attention toward another piece in the multi-faceted puzzle of the Arab-Israeli dispute, and of international antisemitism. By bringing this Middle Eastern version of the perennial theme of blood libel before their readers, the author hopes to instruct people of good will of the dangers inherent in protracted conflicts, such as the one opposing Israelis and Arabs, which can provoke war, misery, destruction, and violence, but also recriminations born out of hallucinations and ill-will. This is a multi-disciplinary book which should interest not only students of antisemitism, Judaism, and Israel, but also psychologists, journalists, political scientists, and scholars of communications, the Middle East, international relations, and the Israeli-Arab dispute.

About the Author
Raphael Israeli is Professor of Chinese History and Islamic Civilization at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He is the author of A Critical Biography of Chinese Islam(1994) and Fundamentalist Islam and Israel (University Press of America, 1993).

Rafael Michael Soto said...

Christ be with you... Check out my blog http://obamaantisemitic.blogspot.com