Wednesday, August 25, 2010

'Provocation' The Pals. Proclaim

Here's a Pal. view on an event:

500 Israeli citizens, escorted by dozens of military vehicles, drove by bus deep into the West Bank on Wednesday in a provocative visit to a West Bank holy site.

Dozens of buses and military vehicles entered the West Bank in violation of the Oslo agreement and other signed accords, in the second such incident this month. On August 5th, around 300 Israelis were escorted into the same area to visit a site known as 'Joseph's Tomb'. In Nablus.

During the incursion, Israeli military forces deployed in the area implemented increased security checks on the Palestinian residents of the region, delaying some people for several hours at checkpoints in order to allow the Jewish worshipers to pass freely.

As for a Jewish view, try this site.

But the point is that the Pals. lie.

According to the Olso Accords.


Annex III
Protocol Concerning Civil Affairs
ARTICLE 32 Religious Sites

1. Responsibility over sites of religious significance in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (hereinafter - "Holy Sites") will be transferred to the Palestinian side. In Area C, this responsibility will be transferred gradually to Palestinian jurisdiction that will cover West Bank and Gaza Strip territory except for the issues that will be negotiated in the permanent status negotiations, during the further redeployment phases, to be completed within 18 months from the date of the inauguration of the Council.

2. Both sides shall respect and protect the listed below religious rights of Jews, Christians, Moslems and Samaritans:

a. protection of the Holy Sites;

b. free access to the Holy Sites; and

c. freedom of worship and practice.

3. a. The Palestinian side shall ensure free access to, respect the ways of worship in and not make any changes to, the Jewish Holy Sites listed in List No. 1 of Schedule 4.

b. The Palestinian side shall ensure free access to, and respect the ways of worship in, the Jewish Holy Sites listed in List No. 2 of Schedule 4 .


Pursuant to Article 32, paragraph 3 of this Appendix:

List No. 1

1. Elazar's Tomb, Ittamar's Tomb and the Tomb of the 70 Elders in Awarta
2. Joshua's Tomb in Kifel-Hares
3. The Cave of Othniel ben Knaz in Hebron
4. The Eshtamoa Synagogue in Samoa
5. The Yata Synagogue
6. Batir
7. Sebastia/Samaria

List No. 2

1. Nun's Tomb and Caleb's Tomb in Kifel-Hares
2. The Tombs of Natan the Prophet and Gad the Seer in Halhul
3. The Naran Synagogue - Ein Duk
4. The Jewish Cemetery in Sammerat
5. The Synagogue in Gaza City

Yes, you noticed, Joseph's Tomb is not listed but, nevertheless, it is a holy site and should be protected and Jews granted right of free worship. And after Operation Defensive Shield, the IDF asserted its authority over the site due to Arab destruction of major sections of it and its burning.

Here is some info on how Arabs treat the tomb and treated it. But then there's this news.

Consider, after all, if there is no Arab violence or a security threat, Arabs can ascend the Haram Al-Sharif and they do in great numbers.

Why can't Jews simply visited Joseph's tomb?

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Anonymous said...

You don't understand. Muslims are extremely sensitive to other people's religious and cultural matters. Like the popular Ground Zero Victory Mosque - think about how sensitive and carefully that was done: American Muslims sure know how to follow the golden rule about how to act toward their neighbors.

Yes, indeed, we can learn so much from our Muslim brothers. I think you should spend sometime attending the Beis Medrash in Mecca to learn more about Interfaith understanding.