Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And As For Rima?

Rima Fakih.

The Miss USA.

Of Lebanon ancestry.



Miss USA Rima Fakih didn't place in the Top 15 of the Miss Universe contest.

And tongues are wagging:

Rima in spite of heralding from a liberal Muslim family has openly taken a stand that was anti-President. Fakih She like the most Americans is against the planning of building a mosque near Ground Zero. So did her blunt and honest remark cost her Miss Universe crown?

People are now going past the body paint controversy and judging the decision of the judges in ousting Rima so early in the competition. It is true that many people have questioned Rima’s attitude towards her religion as she bared it all apart from the bikini bottoms for the photo shoot. But still for Americans and many liberal Islam believers she was some one who represented them. So did the judges make a mistake and their stand was more political one? Or the eliminating Rima was the right decision?

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Juniper in the Desert said...

No, none of the above; they had to make way for the new heroine:

Ms Illegal Immigrant- I mean Mexico!