Sunday, August 01, 2010

Abukhater Doesn't Know His History And So Neither Do the Readers of the LA Times

In his LATimes blog, Maher Abukhater reports on this story headlined:

JERUSALEM: Jewish settlers occupy Palestinian
house in the Old City


Well, yes, there were "40 Palestinian residents of the building [who] were attending a wedding celebration" and yes, "the Qirrish family [are] longtime inhabitants of the site" but "the building had been purchased by the Jewish settler group Ateret Cohanim...from its original Palestinian owners".

However, who built the house originally? The first owners?

Well, the AFP news service, one of the top five and quite accessible by Internet, makes it clear who built the house originally:-

He added that the house had originally been built by a wealthy Jewish family in the 19th century and said the latest acquisition was part of a "return" of Jews to the city.

So, it really was a Jewish house that was lost to the Arabs when they ethnically cleansed the Old City all through the late 1930s during the Revolt and in 1948, when the Jordan Legion illegally occupied the city.

And Abukhater is a failure as a journalist.

P.S. His story is a virtual plagiarized copy of this one.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

With a name like Abuk Hater! Typical liar!