Monday, May 31, 2010

This Is Not Law and Order

Can you figure this system of justice out?

The case against four men accused of plotting to bomb New York synagogues and shoot down military planes will not focus on whether they were members of a terrorist group, a federal prosecutor said yesterday.

That appeared to sit well with the judge, who said she had been referring to the case privately as "the un-terrorist case."

The trial is "going to be about whether these guys were going to blow something up," Assistant US Attorney David Raskin said at a pretrial hearing, and a fellow prosecutor said the government will not present any evidence of membership in terrorist groups.

"It's not going to be about foreign terrorist organizations," Raskin said.

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Anonymous said...

The truth is that, in fact, these people weren't terrorists. Anti-semites (of a ridiculous kind), yes. Willing to use violence and kill people, absolutely. But members of an actual terrorist group? No way.

These shlemiels (or, at best, shlamazels) were essentially organized, equipped and pointed in the direction of Jewish targets by an agent provocateur working for the clowns in the FBI.

(When it comes to even the most boneheaded, incompetent actual terrorist - eg the Times Square almost-bomber - the FBI can't find their ass with both hands. These guys were caught before doing anything so it's certain that, by definition, they're not real terrorist group members.)

The Judge's statements in this case simply recognize that the wanna-be bombers weren't members of any actual terror group.

And, no worries, they're going away for a long long long time, anyway.