Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quality Propaganda


a very old and feeble man was stuck in a very small turnstile (these gates are built in such a way to deliberately humiliate those crossing them, like this older man)


Israel's apartheid wall stood like a knife cutting through the beautiful landscape and up towards the sky. It seemed so out of place, this ugly, alien gray wall. Right next to, and protected by it, were the countless settlements -- equally alien and out of place, like an array of red Lego pieces -- they fit nowhere but in their original box.


we walked to Bab al-Amoud, or Damascus Gate, one of the few gates to the Old City that the Israeli occupation forces haven't closed (although recent reports indicate that closing the gate is on the Israeli government's agenda)


Abu Fathi walked me through the Marawani tunnel under the mosque, and showed me exactly where the threat is located. In 1996, the Israeli authorities began digging an "archaeological tunnel" under the Haram al-Sharif compound for tourists in conjunction with Jewish extremists who seek to recunstruct a "Third Temple" in the place of the mosques. It was chilling to see the vivid cracks in the columns holding up the foundations of the mosque.

That was from Yasmeen El Khoudary,

a 20-year-old Arab, born and raised in Gaza City who graduated from the American International School (AISG) with a major in Political Science and now is a recent graduate of the American University in Cairo.

Dated May 10, 2010.


Juniper in the Desert said...

I hope someone remembers to give her, her rightful dose of FGM. That should shut her up.

Jack K said...

Just because she disagrees with you, it does not make it propaganda. You're clearly the type of person that only responds to one side of an argument, with little regard to what the opposite end is saying. Actually, looking at your background and blog, it is no wonder that you've clearly created this blog with an overly biased agenda.

Also more interesting is that, while you are American-born, you get to call yourself an Israeli. However, she - who has lived in Gaza most of her life - is simply referred to an Arab rather than Palestinian.

YMedad said...

Jack - I respond to arguments, inquiries, questions. As for Arab vs. Palestinian, as there is no "Palestine" entity and I do not belive there is a legitimate "Palestinian" identity, I use Arab. The UN in 1947 reccomended an Arab State. Most Arab countries then didn't want a "Palestinian" state. Under the Mandate, all political and social insitutions of non-Jews was termed "Arab", i.e., Arab Higher Committee. So what are you complaining about?

Anonymous said...

" juniper in th...i dun give a fuck" how about i come and give u ur rightful dose of ball kicking till they become one big ball.

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