Monday, May 31, 2010

Reports of Casualties from the "Free Gaza" Flotilla

Could this be Bibi's method in getting rid of Ehud Barak, following the example of Arik Sharon's exit as Minister of Defense after Sabra and Shatilla?

Allowing him, as is Barak's custom, to do things so outrageously idiotic, ineffective, counter-productive and plain awful - and then to seek his resignation?

Of course, we really don't know if anybody has been killed - or how.



Nervous fright reaction?


From LBD:

Anyone watching the pictures on TV, note that those wearing orange life vests smashing down with clubs are the “peace activists.” The ship’s cameraman was photographing from behind his “troops.” I saw a clip showing at least two activists pummeling IDF soldiers. Not that it’s going to make a big difference...


Real violence against civilians:

An American woman who was kidnapped, then freed, in Yemen last week recounted the experience Sunday, telling CNN she and her companion had taken adequate safety precautions and knew the risks.

"I think we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, to be honest with you," said Ludmila Yamalova. The area where she was kidnapped, she said, was not a known terrorist stronghold and there hadn't been reports of abductions there before.

Yamalova, a San Francisco, California, native who lives in Dubai, said she had previously been to Yemen after hearing "wonderful things" about it from others. While she knew it could be dangerous, she said she also knew that tourists needed to take precautions.

She and her partner, Glen Davis, "had all the permits in place," she said. "We had tourist visas with us. We were well-equipped." The two were staying in a hotel "off the beaten path" and had two professional guides, she said. When abducted, they were going to an area where one of the guides was from to eat with the guide's family.

The group had stopped by the side of a highway overlooking a deep valley, she said, and she had taken some pictures. They were getting back into the car when a truck of about 10 gunmen pulled up behind them. Gunmen yanked out their driver and one of the guides, she said, getting into the front seat.

She said she had had the window rolled down, and immediately locked her door and started rolling up the window, but "at that point, when you've got 10 men surrounding you with guns, I mean, there's absolutely nothing you can do."


9:24 AM IT - at least 6 IDF personnel injured after a weapon was stolen by a protestor who then opened fire causing IDF response.


the strategy all along of this group and of ISM in general is to provoke violent confrontations with the IDF and then to claim martyrdom. We need to stress that humanitarian aid was never the goal of this group and it was always for the PR. If they were true humanitarians they would have listened to the naval commands



According to reports from sea, on board the flotilla that was attempting to break the maritime closure on the Gaza Strip, IDF forces apprehended two violent activists holding pistols. The violent activists took these pistols from IDF forces and apparently opened fire on the soldiers as evident by the empty pistol magazines.


From Elder of Ziyon:

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Anonymous said...

2:28 PM Updates! Channel 10 and IDF radio report that the IDF commandos were equipped with paint ball rifles to ensure minimum casualties among the flotilla terrorists -- their hand guns were to be used as a means of last resort!

The terrorists tried connecting the steel cables from the overhead helicopters to the boat's antenna, in order to cause the helicopters to crash.

Only when the "peace activists" severely beat the soldiers with iron rods, stab them with knives, and tried to lynch them, did the soldiers respond. IDF soldiers were pushed down stairs, thrown overboard, and shot at.

Reported by Or Heller, Channel 10 TV.