Thursday, May 20, 2010

EU MEP Hypocrisy

I was sent this report (Kippah tip: BT) and something caught my eye:-

The EU parliament's most senior foreign relations personality has quit an official trip to Israel next week because he said his fellow deputies are plotting "anti-Israeli propaganda."

Italian centre-right MEP Gabriele Albertini, the head of the parliament's foreign affairs committee, outlined the reasons for his decision in a private email to Silvio Gonzato, an EU official, dated 13 May, and seen by this website.

...Mr Albertini said most of his fellow deputies on the delegation are biased against Israel and that their plans to visit Gaza could undermine peace talks.

...Mr Albertini singled out German centre-right MEP and former European Parliament president Hans-Gert Poettering for criticism. "The honorable Mr Poettering wanted to convene a press conference to censure the conduct of the Israeli government before we start our journey, to the applause of those present [at the meeting]!" the Italian member said.

A member of Mr Poettering's office told EUobserver that he is "very pro-Israeli" but also "critical ... as far as the settlements are concerned." He added the German deputy "is of the opinion that the Israeli government cannot tell the members of the European Parliament whom they should see or not."...

Well, if the German is critical, why doesn't he come and visit a Jewish community, like Shiloh where I live, and perhaps learn something he didn't know previously?

And if you want to, thank MEP Albertini:

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