Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rahm, I Know What Your Really Said

While this neutral review of Rahm Emmanuel's GA speech-in-lieu-of-Obama does not mention the specific reference to the issue of the Jewish communities in Yesha (and eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods, I presume), to which the JPost provides this headline:

Emanuel: Don't let settlements prevent goal of lasting peace

I wish to be more upbeat. Here it is and it is followed by my question:

"The Palestinians must come to the table, recognize Israel’s right to exist and reject violence”...“No one should allow the issue of settlements to distract from the goal of a lasting peace between Israel, the Palestinians, and the Arab world.”

Now, The Forward characterizes this as

Emanuel also took the opportunity to reiterate the U.S. position that Israel must halt construction in West Bank settlements

But, truth to tell, and since I wasn't there, I can't get the 'feel' through my Internet connection, I think his words could go either way.

Rahm, I think, was at the very least saying to the Pals. that they, too, must get on with negotiations without regard to any demand, unsupported, to freeze our communities. That's the way it reads.

Now, he also added:

"Demographics cannot be denied," he declared, referring to a situation whereby Israel will have to "attempt to preserve a democratic state, a Jewish state when Jews will soon be a minority west of the Jordan River."

But as you know, I have, with the help of others, illustrated that the demography issue is a dud. If it's a matter of mathematics, Rahm, we have all the answers. No fear.

The communities can stay.

Thanks Rahm, I knew I knew what you really said.

And mazal tov on the upcoming Bar-Mitzva.

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