Sunday, November 29, 2009

Aloni Baloney

Shulamit Aloni is such a lover of Zion.

And to think we once cheek-pecked each other before a Pesach break when I worked in the Knesset.

She now is of the opinion that we Israelis "are a nefarious people".

From the story:

Former Meretz leader tells Ynet on 81st birthday that 'what we do in West Bank is worse than all pogroms'

Former Meretz leader Shulamit Aloni told Ynet on her 81st birthday Sunday that she was dissatisfied with the condition of the State of Israel.

"It's hard for me to say a kind word about the state today," she said. "We are in great distress morally and socially, as well as in the realms of politics and law."

..."No one should be speaking this nonsense about 'blood on the hands'. Since 2000, with the launching of the second intifada, we have murdered thousands. We too have blood on our hands," she remarked.

..."We are a nefarious people. What we are doing in the West Bank is worse than all the pogroms done to the Jews." But she qualified her statement by saying she was "not referring to the Nazis, but the Cossacks".

So, terrorists kill us, we defend ourselves and so we are all equal?

We're Russian antisemites in disguise?

There's been no violent campaign of Jew-killing since 1920 by Arabs?

Aloni lives in a warped ideological world of make-believe.

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