Thursday, November 26, 2009

Demography Demonlogy Not Scary

Some 80% of the opposition to Israel retaining the territories, in Jerusalem and Washington, among other locations where people really think they know how to think, is the demographics issue.

That is, too many Arabs means Israel will be swamped and must choose: either a repressive regime or bye-bye to a Jewish state.

Read this:

Muslim Israelis' growth rate slows down

The birthrate of the Muslim community in Israel is on the decline, according to data provided by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) the end of 2008 the Muslim population in Israel stood at 1.240 million, an increase of 34,000 compared with the previous year.

The growth rate, 2.8 percent, is a whole percentage point lower than the 3.8% measured in 2000.

...The Muslim population in Israel is relatively young, with 510,000 - 41.2% of the overall Muslim population - aged up to 14. Only 3% (around 37,000) were found to be older than 65.

The relatively young age stems from Muslim women's high fertility rate; however, the overall fertility rate (the number of children a woman is expected to give birth to during her lifetime) has dropped from 4.7 per woman in 2000 to 3.8 per woman in 2008...

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