Thursday, November 20, 2008

No, The Media Will "Tell"

Haaretz reports gains in polls for the Likud in the Knesset electoral campaign

Latest poll gives Likud big edge over Kadima

Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud have had a good three weeks, with no major slips, with brand new faces and with a good press, while Kadima is bleeding and Labor is disintegrating.

and explains:

The opinion polls are responding in kind: Likud opened a large, decisive lead of six MKs over Kadima. The right-wing bloc, led by Likud, is also firming up in comparison to previous polls, with 64 MKs versus 56 for the center-left. In effect, the right is much stronger than the center left, since its count also includes 11 MKs from the Arab parties...These numbers are from a Haaretz-Dialog poll...The main question is whether the significant improvement in the Likud's showing is temporary, the inevitable result of the parade of new players presented by Netanyahu to the media at the rate of one a week - Benny Begin, Dan Meridor, Assaf Hefet and Moshe Ya'alon - or the start of a genuine trend. Only time will tell.

No. It is not "only time" that will tell. It will be the media.

The media will "tell" us about Netanyahu's difficulties and highlight intrigues and point out failings.

And the media will also "tell" us, just like in the United states, about things that really aren't real. They will be biased. They will support, most probably, the new radical left grouping around Meretz as well as Tzipi Livni's Kadima race for power.

These two political blocs want to strip Israel of it historical heritage, its security and further weaken its Zionist faith and resolve. They want a return to Olmert's "tired" mantra of 'we are tired of winning, tired of killing Pal. terrorists', indeed, tired of world criticism.

The media will not be tired and they will surely "tell" us what is not good for us.

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Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Did you see/hear Livni's remarks to the GA? She talked about "tradition" and "culture" but without religion at all! And she got applause - okay, from the non-religious, mostly secular (I guess) GA members.

But leaving any religious affiliation or understanding out of the mix also signals the end of Israel as anything even approaching a "Jewish State". Without the Torah, there is no Jewish "tradition" or "culture"! In fact, without the Torah, there are NO Jews at all!

But Livni and way too many "Israelis" have no clue...