Friday, November 28, 2008

No Knees for Jews

Fernanda Santos of the NYTimes reported on what was happening in Brooklyn at Chabad headquarters and published this:-

But perhaps nowhere was it felt more strongly than in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the nerve center of the Lubavitch community and the neighborhood where Rabbi Holtzberg grew up. At the group’s world headquarters on Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue, men filed into the synagogue all day to pray for the Holtzbergs’ safe release. In a separate room, women swayed on their knees as they read the Torah.

Jews do not genuflect or pray while on knees. I was forbidden by my parents and grandparents even to sit on my knees to watch television.

Knees is a Christian custom we do not copy.


Gary Rosen said...

Dog bites man. It would be more noteworthy if the NYT ever told the truth.

Anonymous said...

The only woman on her knees is The Gray Lady herself. The NYT is rated junk for more than one good reason.