Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Statistics of Suicide Bombers

An Arab researcher had nothing better to do than count but it is quite interesting:-

Almost 300 children have been killed while taking part in terrorist attacks over the past eight years, a new study conducted by Palestinian Authority researcher Mahdi Jaradat has revealed. A total of 3,973 PA Arabs died in the past eight years while committing acts of terrorism, he found.

Fatah had the most fatalities, with a total of 1,437 terrorists, 128 of them children, killed since September 28, 2000. Hamas was in second place with 1,410 killed in the same time period, 96 of them minors. Fifty-three children were killed while taking part in Islamic Jihad operations, five were killed as members of the PFLP, four died with the DFLP, and three with PRC.

Women were increasingly numbered among terrorists as well. A total of 95 women were killed while carrying out attacks, Jaradat found. Thirty-four women were killed working with Hamas, and 30 with Fatah. Islamic Jihad, which had a much lower casualty rate than Hamas and Fatah overall, counted 24 women among its casualties.

Hamas carried out more suicide bombings than any other group over the past eight years, with a total of 72. Islamic Jihad was next with 48 suicide bombings, and Fatah was third with 42.

Back in July, he issued this study, whcih I found quite weird:-

Most of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces during the second Intifada had traditional Palestinian Islamic names, a new study shows.

The study by Mahdi Jaradat, a researcher in Palestinian affairs, found that 11 male names and six female names dominate the list of names of Palestinians killed during the Intifada between 29 September 2000 and 4 July 2008.

The findings of the study were as follows:

Among Palestinians killed in the first have of 2008, 830 were named Muhammad (up from 700 in all of 2007); 308 were named Ahmad (up from 160 in 2007); 135 were named Ibrahim (up from 101 in 2007).

Another 87 were named Yousif, 69 were named Iyad, 64 named were Hasan, 63 named 'Alaa and 58 were named Abdullah.

As for female "martyrs," 26 were named Fatima, 14 Eiman, 11 Maryam, 9 'Aesha and 7 named Muna and 7 named Asma'.


rlandes said...

does Jaradat refer to them as terrorists? or as martyrs? and what's the crtierion for determining what they were doing at the time of their death. B'tselem is notorious for declaring those killed as "not participating in violence at the time of their deaths" largely on the basis of "eye-witnesses".

YMedad said...

besides the two sources in my post, both medi, i.e., secondary, i couldn't locate anything directly from Jaradat

YMedad said...