Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hezbollah Uses Jewish Artwork

The Irgun Tzvai Leumi, "Irgun" or the National Military organization, was first established as a response to Arab riots in Mandate Palestine after August 1929 when 133 Jews were killed within a fortnight.

It later evolved as an anti-British organization following the reneging by England of the Balfour Declaration and League of Nations decision in its infamous 1939 White Paper.

Following a respite due to World War II, with Menachem Begin as its commander, the Irgun began its armed resistance in February 1944.

Funny how its graphic logo portrayal is copied by Hezbollah:


Aris Boch said...

Holy shit, these islamist assholes can't even draw their own flags, tehy have to piratecopy it from the jews... Hey, that is THE diea how to destroy Hizbullshaitan & HamaSS once and for all: Make Disney sue HamaSS for their unlicensed use of the Mickey Mouse, Minie Mouse and Simba, that will ruin these mother****ers forever. And Sue the Hezbullshaitan for the piratcopying of the Irgun logo :D *lol*

Aris Boch said...

excuse me for my piss-poor english and my typos.