Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Morning, America!

I just came back from breakfast sumptuous with waffles & pancakes, at the King David Hotel having been invited by Ambassador James B. Cunningham to join him and 200 other people to watch the elections.

My thoughts, in concise form, are these:

1. America may be entering not only a new period of "mass democracy" but might very well, from an internal sense, move into areas of "disruptive democracy" as formerly not fully integrated 'outsiders', who feel politically disenfranchised, move into elements of power on all levels. A political establishment depends on the functioning of elites and a balance of cooptation and cooperation are necessary. Can Americans do that?

2. Obama wishes to change not only America but the world. He was not being flighty but expressing the typical progressive and radical messianic political vision. Can he do it and can he do it properly?

3. Israel has much to be anxious about: Obama, his advisors, his agenda, his preferences, his ideological allegiances. And make no mistake, damaging Israel's interests, its security, its existence, will also work on America. When Obama refers to justice, he does not mean Jewish/Israeli justice. He may be a politician of faith but does he truly believe? And what does he believe?


Sammy is saying:

To my Jewish Brethren you have just caused a lot more bloodshed in Israel, thanks to many of the major Jewish organizations in the country. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt that I am. We have Just created JEW-ICIDE. Shame on US ! My Prediction is that Israel will attack Iran sometime before inauguration day.and that will lead to a much larger war.

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Anonymous said...

He believes that all jews should just die...

Oh, Israel first, of course, but all of us, just the same.