Monday, October 06, 2008

Two Errors in One Obit

Noah Pollack points out one error in this obit of Avraham Biran and I found another.

Before beginning his work at Tel Dan, Dr. Biran had been a diplomat and government official and had nearly died when he was working for the Palestinian government in 1938. While riding in a military convoy, Dr. Biran’s car rolled over a land mine, which killed the three passengers in the back seat. Dr. Biran, who was driving, emerged unscathed, as did a police officer next to him. They staggered from the car, only to be attacked by gunmen, who shot the police officer in the face.

Noah writes

Wow — there was a Palestinian state even before an Israeli one! (On planet reality, Biran in 1938 was working for the British Mandate government, at the behest of the Jewish Agency.)

And I add a question: exactly who was it that placed the land mine?
Who were the "gumen"?

Extremist "settler" Jews?
Radical religious Jews?
Fanatic messianic Jews?
Right-wing Jews?

Or was it Arab nationalist terrorists who were revolting against the British between 1936-1939 led by the Grand Mufti?

What they were killing Jews even before Israel was created?

You mean their terror isn't a matter of the disputed territories?

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