Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The New York Times Visits Joseph's Tomb

Found this slide show presentation at the NYTimes web site.

It relates that

Situated in the heart of a Palestinian district on the West Bank is Joseph's Tomb, a tiny half-derelict compound that many Jews believe is the final burial place of the son of Jacob, the biblical patriarch....

To Jewish pilgrims, this is not Nablus, one of the largest Palestinian cities, but the site of the ancient biblical city of Shechem. The tomb, they believe, sits on the parcel of ground that Jacob bought for a hundred pieces of silver...

At Joseph's Tomb, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is boiled down to its very essence of competing territorial, national and religious claims.

Okay, so the NYT isn't favorably disposed to the Jewishness quotient of the Land of Israel which doesn't recognize a "Palestine".

But Rina Castelnuovo's pics are great.

There are more there.

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