Friday, October 24, 2008

Letter on the Temple Mount Situation

I have a letter in the special "In Jerusalem" section of the Jerusalem Post today:

Re: "Temple time?", Oct. 17.

David Smith quotes Rabbi Moshe Silberstein's objections to the Temple
Institute "talking about building the Third Temple" and his example of an act of a bulldozer clearing a path for that construction project being "tantamount to starting World War Three".

We'll ignore the Rabbi's dichotomic perception of that type of "talking" and implications of the content of Jewish prayers when we pray for that very rebuilding multiple times daily. But his example is quite relevant.

It just so happens that over the past decade, Arab Muslims have brought in bulldozers to the Temple Mount compound and have dug up ditches, emptied out large areas of underground soil and in doing so, not only did they flout the law (probably with the connivance of Prime Ministers and others), but they continued their goal of destroying all semblance of a Jewish past of the site.

May I ask if Rabbi Silberstein objected at any of those instances? And moreover, we all need to answer why those deeds did not start even a little war, at least one in Israel's courts?

Yisrael Medad
El Har Hashem Society

P.S. For those new to my opinions on the Temple Mount, besides searching my blog, try this first.

Two recent visit pics from this Hebrew site:

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