Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He Doth Lie

Sheikh Salah: Jerusalem Occupation should End

Chairman of the Islamic Movement inside the Green Line (Israel), Sheikh Raed Salah, said on Sunday that ending the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem will end 'dangers' facing the holy city.

The Islamic leader referred to Israeli excavations underway beneath the Al-Aqsa mosque of Jerusalem, which is the third holiest place for Muslims worldwide.

He accused Israeli authorities of following what he termed 'malicious means' to evacuate the city of Palestinians, turning it into an exclusively Jewish city.

He considered such Israeli moves as a part of Israel's genocide against the indigenous Palestinian residents of the occupied east Jerusalem.

As for the Israeli excavations, Salah revealed that Israelis have recently erected a large web of tunnels right beneath the Alaqsa mosque. He pointed to a recent report by UNESCO that refers to the use of chemical substances to dig those tunnels.

1. There are no under the Temple Mount excavations.

2. Israel uses no malicious means.

3. There's no genocide going on.

4. Neither is there an chemicals in use.

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