Friday, October 31, 2008

Latest Hebron Developments - Leading to Regime Anarchy or Worse

The latest Hebron story goes on.

Rebuilding, violence, injuries and, ominously, extreme government

New Building Erected after Latest Federman Demolition

Activists said Friday morning that they have already put up a new building, following the second police demolition this week of an unauthorized structure on the Federman farm between Kiryat Arba and Hevron overnight, according to Ynet. Three people were arrested in clashes with the police. Two officers and five residents suffered injuries.

Settlers rebuild Federman Farm outpost hours after evacuation

Right-wing activists on Friday rebuilt structures razed overnight by security forces at the Federman Farm outpost in the West bank.

Israeli security forces had overnight evacuated the illegal outpost, near the town of Kiryat Arba in the West Bank. This was the second evacuation of the settlement in less than a week.

Two officers and five settlers were lightly wounded in clashes that erupted at the end of the operation. One of the settlers, a young girl, sustained light head wounds.

Police said that as they were preparing to leave the site, activists began to pelt them with stones. The settlers blame the officers for inciting violence over the course of the evacuation.

Police Return to Destroy Federman's Home

Police returned to the rebuilt farm of Noam Federman late Thursday night and destroyed one rebuilt structure in a violent confrontation with nationalists. Five youth were injured, and police said two of their officers suffered injuries.


Barak cuts services to outposts in response to settler violence

Israel will reduce government services to illegal outposts in the West Bank in a bid to combat settler violence, the government decided on Wednesday during a meeting headed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak and attended by the country's top military and legal brass...Another measure discussed during the meeting was cutting off illegal outposts from services provided by the state...Yesterday, Barak ordered authorities to look into ways in which services can be further reduced. However, such reductions will not include cutting electricity and water supplies to the outposts, or reducing security provisions.

and finally, there is thought to an issue I have been raising:

...At the same time, security forces have had to deal with a rise in protests by radical left wing demonstrators.

Ah, and do they have expuslion or detention edicts pressed against them?

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Steve in Brooklyn said...

These are dire and scary times for Jews in Israel and around the world as well. Jew hatred is once again on the rise around the world. As the economic crisis intensifies the scapegoats become guess who? And in Israeli the gov't is fighting it's own? It's a disgrace. Olmert, Livni and Barak must be insane.

Just yesterday, someone I called a friend who works in the stock markets, started with the canards of Jewish control of money and banking, thus implying it is the Jews responsible for this mess. That is why it is you sir and people like you who are at the forefront in the battle of the survival of the Jewish Nation and her people in Israel and the diaspora.

Here in the US the situation is bleak. Rashid Khalidi, Obama's good friend, whom he is reported to have toasted at a 2003 farewell dinner, goes virtually unreported as do his other jew hating buddies he was paid by or whom he funneled money to during his years in Chicago and the Illinois State Senate.

It feels eerily like my readings on Europe prior to WWII. Relaxation and assimilation have led Jews to ignore simple facts on the ground. As a people, our optimism is both a blessing from Hashem and a crutch we must fight to overcome.

I live in the US and I'm afraid. Jews around the world should begin to behave as if their lives are in danger. Jews both in Israel and around the world must awaken and combat the forces of evil that lurk around what seems like every corner of the earth. We are a small nation, yet a mighty nation too. I know many who remember the holocaust are not very comfortable with the current state of affairs.

Hold your ground. You are true heroes.