Friday, October 31, 2008

So, US Jews Letting Us Down?

Ethan Porter in Rashid Who? published at The New Republic claims US Jews have retuirned to the Denocratic Party candidate:

By late last spring, concerns about Jews deserting the presumptive Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, had reached a fever pitch. Writing in his popular blog for Politico, Ben Smith declared that Obama had a "Jewish problem."...When State Senator Stephen Geller, who represents a heavily Jewish section of South Florida, went to tout Obama to his constituents, he felt as if "they were going to get out of their walkers and crush me," he told me.

Geller's fear seemed, as least in part, to be based in fact: Polls at the time showed Obama struggling in comparison to earlier Democratic candidates. A Gallup poll from May showed that Barack Obama would receive merely 60 percent of the vote in a then still hypothetical match-up against John McCain...

Now, however, with the election only days away, it's clear that Jews have come home. According to Gallup's latest numbers, 74 percent support the Illinois senator...Obama has been especially savvy about keeping the chosen people on his side--a strategy that could prove very helpful next Tuesday.

And not very savvy are some other people.

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