Monday, November 27, 2006

The Scotsman, He Fibs

John Barrett, who was at my home and then traveled back to Jerusalem with me accompanying the groups of MPs on the bus, is not telling the truth here.

Do they know it's Christmas?

I have just returned from a visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel, to investigate whether the aid, paid for by Edinburgh taxpayers, is being used effectively.

...I listened to evidence from the Palestinians, children in a refugee camp school and their parents. I also heard from Israeli settlers on the West Bank who believed they had a right to be there...From the Palestinians I also heard about how their land was originally given away from under them by the British and others.

The Israelis believe they must protect themselves and justified the construction of the partition wall, which has all the looks of the Berlin wall, on the grounds of security...

...Because of the humanitarian crisis, we are delivering aid to those suffering most, but some of the projects funded by taxpayers in the UK are being blown up by those we also support. I saw the remains of a bombed Palestinian police station which was full of computers, supplied by the UK to combat crime.

One reason given for the attack was to kill a known terrorist who was being held at the station. He fled when the building collapsed.

Settlements are now springing up throughout the West Bank, built on hilltops - like forts, using up the scarce resource of water five times more quickly than the locals and accessed by roads which bypass existing villages.

A form of apartheid exists on many roads with road blocks and checkpoints now so frequent that local produce is destroyed by the time it gets to market.

As you can read here, I specifically pointed out the un-apartheid nature of our roads, with Pal. cars driving by. Tsk, tsk.

And those poor UK computers, in a police station housing and training terrorists. Oh, my.

And those Israelis, imagine, "believing" they must protect themselves (but is it true someone may ask). With something that looks like a 'Berlin Wall'.


Barrett seems to believe himself to be quite the humanitarian.

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Anonymous said...

well done with the sarcasm there. i'm a big fan of sarcasm used for good purposes- like pointing out the hypocricy of many so-called "humanitarians". and it makes me laugh.