Monday, November 06, 2006

Just How Non-Violent is the NIF

The NIF is, of course, the New Israel Fund.

In discussing disengagement, Disengagement & The New Israel Fund, NIF notes that it

is proud to have contributed its expertise to a difficult situation…we have sought to fulfill our mandate by promoting respect for the decisions of the Israeli Government, adherence to the rule of law, and the avoidance of escalation and potential civil conflict.

Our most recent activities include: STOPPING ESCALATION BEFORE IT STARTS...facilitating the work of two well-respected psychologists, who are training various IDF and police units in handling difficult confrontations in ways that de-escalate conflict and violence.

This was last updated on 6/8/2006. In other words, after the Amona affair.

Through the mystery of cyber space, I have been informed that in an e mail message sent on February 3 this year, one Jill Collier Indyk supposedly, but as yet unconfirmed fully, wrote to an veteran and high-profile peace activist:

"Good for Olmert on Amona. Whoever would have believed it! Those horsemen look like crusaders. Kol hakavod to you and yours. Why didn't we do this before. Just took guts."

Now, Jill used to be the U.S. liason for the Sheba Medical Center and is now the Coordinator of the Charles Bronfman Prize. Oh, and Janet Aviad, a former head of Peace Now, just happens to be the Director of the Karev Foundation (Karev is the Hebrew abbreviation of Charles R. Bronfman (CRB), one of Bronfman's pet projects.

Jill also happens to be the wife of Martin Indyk. Martin Indyk just so happens to be a member of the International Council of the NIF.

In the Fall issue of the NIF News, (you can print it here), its President, Peter Edelman wrote that the NIF would

"help see that the planned disengagement from the West Bank would occur nonviolently and with minimum humanitarian issues".

Am I missing something here, or are some NIF like-minded people and close "friends of" actually not really that non-violent or concerned about preventing regime terror?


Anonymous said...

You have serious issues.
The Settlers at Amona were outlaws, handling them with force was the only way to go.

YMedad said...

Well, aren't we lucky that we aren't in the US where they used to set dogs on "outlaws" a while ago and only recently, in Seattle, smashed the heads of demonstrators who weren't exactly acting legally. But the point is, as anyone who has seen the video clips, that the police were extremely violent and some were criminals as they are now being investigated and placed on trial. So there.