Monday, November 27, 2006

It Was Me

Note the last line from this fueilleton by Danny Rubinstein on the subject of street names in Jerusalem:-

During a historical discussion I once heard at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the speakers argued about the extent to which the British helped or undermined the efforts to establish a Jewish state. Everyone agrees that in spite of all the problems, until the publication of the 1939 White Paper, British policy could be described as pro-Zionist. Afterward the British government began to sympathize with the Arabs and with the end of World War II, the Jewish undergrounds fought against the British Mandate. Some people point out that even David Ben-Gurion, during the height of the struggle, cursed the Mandatory government and called it a "a Nazi-British government."

That Some people is me, in a letter I had published in the Book Review Supplement of Haaretz in Hebrew.

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